I have Nature Deficit Disorder. As a child, the "go outside and play" seemed like a license for freedom. Add to that the ever present camera being carried by my father, and it was inevitable I would find some way to combine these as an adult.

My father was a WWII photographer. Yet, you never saw the camera he always seemed to have at his side. As a teenager, I was handed a manual film camera, taught how to work the BW darkroom in the basement and let loose. This was the start of a life long learning path.

Shayna Coonin

My Short Biography

Low Tide Photography

While completing my B.S. at The University of Delaware, I ventured in to the darkroom again, this time to learn color film development. After graduating from UD,  I completed The New York Institute of Photography program, in the age of film.

In 1991, I became SCUBA certified. Within a few years I ventured into underwater photography, and quickly learned a whole new set of skills. In 2001 I became a SCUBA instructor and added teaching underwater film photography to my challenge.

Through ongoing education including classes, seminars and self-study, I now shoot only digital. From creation to development to printing- I hope you enjoy the journey through Low Tide Photography.

Remember, you see more when it's low tide.